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Loan growth and account opening opportunities happen at all hours and from many sources. Consumers today expect to apply for credit card accounts and other loan products offered by banks through a variety of channels including branches, websites and mobile devices.

Primax’s Lending solution gives banks flexible and configurable options for expanding your lending growth initiatives through a single industry-leading, integrated platform. Banks can leverage this solution within their own operational models and delivery channels to streamline the entire application, approval, account opening and funds disbursement process.

Primax leverages its Lending solution in the Primax Contact Center to support customer requests during the lending application and approval process, enabling banks to deliver a memorable and customized experience at key customer touchpoints in the lending cycle. Primax’s Lending solution operates as a single origination platform to support banks with:

  • Consumer lending
  • Indirect lending
  • Online loan applications

Primax’s Lending solution is a preferred platform used by more than 850 financial institutions to offer the most comprehensive, multi-channel solution available, while elevating the entire lending experience for customers.


  • Train new employees faster with the new user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Offer a truly branded, mobile experience through our highly customizable, fully responsive application websites
  • Receive decisions in seconds with our powerful decision engine that supports underwriting strategies from the simplest to the most complex
  • Streamline origination, underwriting processing and disbursement with flexible third-party integration
Powerful, customizable decision engine with over 1,800 underwriting variables
Robust customizable workflow creates staff efficiencies
Document upload with eSign integration for a quick and efficient overall process
24/7/365 contact center support helps customers with application issues or questions
Single sign-on interface with additional bank services

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