Expand Growth and Improve Customer Experience with Lending Solutions Streamline Lending and Account Opening Experience

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Two important ways for banks to grow are through loans and new customers. In today’s economy, financial institutions recognize that the way to accomplish this is through enhanced efficiencies, a smooth customer experience and increased speed.

Primax can support banks with several exceptional solutions. The loan origination and account opening process represents an opportunity for banks to streamline and automate loan origination, underwriting and disbursement by combining a 24-hour available lending solutions with a contact center – banks can significantly improve their level of service and sales performance. With Primax’s contact center support and online lending, we combine the best of both worlds: a smooth customer experience and a robust and flexible workflow that simplifies the loan process.

Primax’s lending, account opening and contact center support solutions help banks deliver a memorable and customized experience at key customer touchpoints in the lending cycle.

  • Enhance the customer experience with the convenience and ease of online lending and new account opening technology
  • Streamline origination, automated underwriting and disbursement with flexible third-party integrations
  • Offer a truly branded mobile experience through our highly customizable, fully responsive application websites
  • Provide automated decisions in seconds with our powerful decision engine that supports underwriting strategies from the simplest to the most complex
  • Customize contact center support to meet banks’ unique needs
  • Get competitive pricing, personalized set-up assistance and ongoing support
Design technology enables platform use on nearly any device, including mobile
Integration with many leading host systems, as well as third-party lending and document services providers
24/7/365 contact center support helps customers with application issues or questions

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