Data Enrichment

Improve Your Data Quality to Enable Deeper Customer Insights Data Analytics throughout the Customer Lifecycle

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The more you know about your customers, the more you can optimize and safeguard their experiences while making more informed account decisions. Get to know your customers better using Primax’s Data Enrichment solutions to improve your data quality and enable deeper customer insights.

Identity Intelligence Solutions

Cardholder interaction with financial institutions is changing like never before, as consumers use multiple channels and devices. Whether interacting in person or digitally, your customers expect immediate, convenient and safe access to their accounts. Primax’s Identity Intelligence Solutions enable your financial institution to focus on the customer experience, while combating fraud with a 360-degree view of identity risk at every point of the customer lifecycle.

Scoring Solutions

Cardholders’ scores are easily accessible for use in your credit granting and management decision activities. A portfolio review tool automates the credit bureau data gathering process, giving you the most up-to-date predictive scores available to make more informed account decisions.

Identity Resolution

Resolves single identities with enriched demographic data to determine location-based households

Score Source

Empowers banks to effectively manage credit lines, collections and account re-pricing strategies, as well as develop targeted marketed campaigns

Sensitivity Scores

Predicts a borrower’s resilience during periods of economic disruptions or volatility

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