Expand Growth by Offering Alternative Payment Methods with Prepaid Cards Flexible Payment Methods with Total Prepaid Program Control

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Prepaid cards enable banks to engage and connect with customers who may not qualify for or even desire traditional checking accounts. The cards serve as budgeting and financial responsibility teaching tools (ideal for young customers), give parents the ability to control their child’s college spending and make great gifts for special occasions. They are also a convenient way for businesses to reward employee performance.

Primax’s prepaid programs support direct deposit to cards and provide multiple options for fund reloads and cardholder alerts regarding card balances and transactions. Banks control the revenue model and fees, branding, plastics design and inventory. Reloadable prepaid and EMV cards offer additional convenience and security.

Prepaid cards, especially for younger customers, represent an important step on the continuum of long-term financial relationships. Prepaid leads to debit, and then to credit and other service and growth opportunities.

Open-loop, bank-branded cards
Best practices and marketing materials are available to grow customer awareness and engagement
Issuer-friendly model lets banks capture higher revenue
24/7/365 contact center support for cardholder inquiries
Comprehensive reporting and card inventory management tools

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