Disputes Management

Streamlined Process. Real-Time Visibility. Enhanced Cardholder Experience Recover and Mitigate Further Losses Post-Fraud

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After fraud occurs, case managers work with the cardholder to initiate the recovery process and the assignment of a new card.

Primax carefully takes the cardholder through the recovery process in a full-service environment, working with both the cardholder and the financial institution on the chargeback. Our latest investments include an additional layer of Merchant Recovery for fraudulent purchases made online, as well as technologies that will optimize our current disputes process for an improved cardholder experience.

Primax is also making a multimillion-dollar investment in our disputes management process to significantly enhance the experience for our bank clients and your cardholders through the use of process automation and artificial intelligence. We expect to roll this new disputes process out to bank clients in a phased approach over the coming years.

Fraud case managers walk cardholders through the affidavit process with ease
Tenured disputes case managers efficiently process disputed transactions

Web tools connected to industry databases retrieve transaction details, assign work cases and manage dispute documents

Merchant recovery stops fulfillment of goods and services tied to fraudulent orders, decreasing chances of a chargeback

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