Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets Help Capture Growth and Relevancy Digital Access to Payments Matters to Your Customers

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The digital experience is important. Increasingly, consumers conduct transactions of all types – including purchases, payments and research – from their mobile devices. Accordingly, your bank becomes a branch-in-hand for cardholders to interact with you 24/7/365.

Digital wallet solutions from Primax give banks the ability to capture more transactions and interchange revenue, mitigate third-party competition and promote their brand through a vibrant and growing commerce channel. Deep relationships with the top digital wallet providers enable banks to deliver a higher level of convenience for cardholders in a payment situation.

Plastics are popular for now. But, it’s a digital-first, handheld world for the future.

Secure digital wallets from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Visa and Mastercard enable faster payments
Available on multiple devices with thousands of participating merchants
Enrollment and implementation processes streamline and fast-track speed to market
Digital wallet transactions on cardholder accounts reflect your brand
Grab the attention of younger cardholders looking for value that matters most to them

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