Special Circumstances

Handle the Unexpected with Primax Contact Center Support Be Prepared When Special Circumstances Cause a Surge in Call Volume

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Banks’ contact centers sometimes need help managing certain unique or rare events that cause a spike in customer call volume. Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions give banks a well-staffed, trained resource to serve customers in even the most challenging situations. Banks rely on Primax contact center resources to adapt nimbly on their behalf when events such as core system or payment platform conversions, major weather events, new product implementations or marketing campaigns spark an unexpected flurry of customer inquiries.

Primax helps banks maintain their customers’ expectations for service when the unexpected happens.

Integration with core systems and custom scripting emulate banks’ customer service capabilities and culture
Give banks the necessary support to handle limited-duration service demand
Provide banks with the assistance necessary to handle unexpected events

Learn How to Handle the Unexpected with Primax Contact Center Support

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