Enhanced Fraud Services

Add a Risk Program Consultant to Your Risk Management Toolkit Upgrade Your Fraud Management Strategy with Personalized Response Plans

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From focused growth strategies to evolving customer needs, every financial institution is unique. While Primax’s base fraud prevention services continue to help our banks detect and mitigate fraud, we are now offering a more robust solution: Enhanced Fraud Services. With Enhanced Fraud Services, your bank will receive concierge-like service with an assigned risk program consultant dedicated to spotting fraud by analyzing your bank’s catalog of fraud events and building a personalized fraud event response plan. Our experienced risk program consultants are trained to review and update Primax’s global fraud-fighting rules to help you strike the right balance of risk tolerance and seamless customer experience based on your bank’s needs.

Upgrade your fraud management strategy by adding a dedicated risk program consultant to your risk management toolkit.

A dedicated risk program consultant familiar with your portfolios acts as a concierge to support the fraud management experience
Proactive review of all fraud events and dispute cases to determine the likelihood of any first-party fraud

Hands-on support to assist bank staff with ad-hoc reporting and overall fraud management strategy

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