Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Voice Response and Call-Routing Technology Power Service Best-in-class Customer Call Experience 24/7/365

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Interactive voice response (IVR) technology serves as the first point of interaction and resolution for bank customers calling with inquiries. Primax’s contact center features secure IVR service capabilities and intelligent call routing for resolution of all payments-related questions, from account balance and status inquiries to payment due dates and mailing addresses. The IVR options available to bank customers can also transfer other types of calls to the appropriate live agents.

Smarter IVR technology expedites the routing and handling of customer calls, making it easier for them to reach the representatives who are best equipped to handle their inquiry or issue.

Automatically balances call volume among 1,000+ Primax contact center representatives
Flexible, standards-based telecom platform simplifies application development and integration, promoting future innovation and service improvements
Geographic redundancy of telecom hardware and software ensures continuous service

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