Alerts and Controls

Empower Customers to Increase the Security of Every Account Interaction Reduce Fraud and Satisfy Customers with Primax Alerts and Controls

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Giving customers an active role in the management and security of their payment card accounts empowers them to spot suspicious activity and stop fraud in its tracks. The Primax Alerts and Controls solution integrates with your financial institution’s online and mobile account management platforms to provide your customers with real-time text and email notifications according to spending limits and transaction or merchant types. Cardholders can also easily enable or disable their cards during specific timeframes or at merchants outside of their geolocation.
Fully customizable to maintain brand consistency with other service delivery channels
Rich and flexible interface supports multiple parameter settings to tailor Alerts and Controls at the cardholder level
Self-service administrative tools provide easy access to data and reports

Empower Customers to Personalize and Secure Payments with Integrated Account Alerts

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