Contactless Cards

Tap Into Growth and Cardholder Engagement Drive More Transactions with Contactless Cards

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It is now more important than ever to tap into growth and cardholder engagement with contactless cards. Twice as fast as an EMV transaction, contactless adoption and transactions continue to grow. Not only do contactless cards provide an optimal point-of-sale experience, their speed and convenience help increase transaction growth. In addition to making the shopping experience more convenient, contactless cards can help expand your bank’s business and enhance perceptions of your brand as you present innovative payment choices to your cardholders.

Banks can accrue the benefits of having more transactions processed through payment accounts, gaining revenue visibility and cash flow through interchange fees as customers utilize contactless cards in new settings.

As large banks roll out contactless cards and consumer adoption soars, be sure your bank is prepared.

Seamless cardholder experience
Increase spend
Competitive differentiation

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