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Full-Service Contact Centers Let Banks Focus on Relationships Enable Flexible, High Quality, Personalized Service Any Time of Day

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Contact center operations are expensive, especially those that operate 24/7/365. Primax clients collectively possess a world-class resource that effectively lowers individual investment costs and lets them concentrate on growth and relationship-building initiatives through Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions.

Full service from Primax allows for multiple strategically located contact centers to handle all requests for service on customer bank accounts. It includes support for payment card account inquiries, loan and customer account applications, questions about online and mobile banking services, deposit accounts and many other elements of a customer’s bank relationship.

Primax’s investment in telecommunications and contact center technology, including interfaces with primary core platforms, lowers banks’ cost of service and increases the quality of the customer experience.

Attention to increased operational efficiencies like shrinkage and scalability
Rigorous training and quality assurance programs ensure calls lead to the best customer experience
Custom contact center tools empower representatives with a complete picture of customers’ accounts
Over 40 years of experience providing exceptional contact center service

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