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Contact Centers Help Banks Handle Excess Call Volume Extend Your Service Availability with Overflow and After-Hours Service

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Overflow conditions happen when a financial institution’s normal call arrival patterns place a strain on its account service capacity and resources. Primax provides relief with its 24/7 contact centers to help banks mitigate the potential for accountholders to experience longer wait times or abandon their calls for service during spikes in call volume.

Accountholders’ demand for 24/7/365 service drives a large part of their overall experience. After-hours contact center service through Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions ensures banks deliver a superior experience when their branches or account service operations close at night or on the weekends.

Primax’s scale and capacity meet banks’ demand for contact center coverage at any time under any conditions.

Custom contact center tools and technology empower representatives with a complete picture of accountholders’ accounts
Integration with core systems and custom scripting let Primax contact center staff serve as a seamless extension of banks’ account service capabilities
Primax balances excess bank call volume across multiple service centers for prompt responses

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