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Meet and Exceed Customer Service Expectations with Flexible Service Models Extend Customer Service Capabilities

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Not all customer issues are resolved via online or digital channels. Sometimes the personal touch of a trained and empowered Contact Center representative is the best ambassador for a bank’s promise of service and value. The Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions team helps banks meet and exceed customers’ expectations for service at all hours – even under the most trying circumstances.

With integration to common core systems, Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions gives banks a valuable resource during challenging service situations.

Flexible Service Models

Primax Contact Center Services & Solutions delivers contact center services in customizable modes to fit a bank’s unique demands for service availability and coverage.

  • Full Service gives banks a 24/7/365 partner to handle all customer requests for service.
  • Overflow provides a relief valve for banks when call volume to their own contact center exceeds current staffing capacity.
  • After-Hours service allows banks to handle calls from customers during normal business hours and seamlessly direct calls at night or on weekends to Primax resources.
  • With Full Service or the After-Hours and Overflow flexible service models, Primax can assist banks with their business continuity plans, in case circumstances disrupt their ability to deliver regular customer services.
  • Our Special Circumstances service accommodates banks that may potentially experience unusually high call volume due to platform conversions or new marketing campaigns that impact large numbers of customers.
Amplifies growth strategy for loan and customer accounts with 24/7/365 availability
Multiple contact centers provide redundancy and coverage across all time zones and during major weather events
Increased operational efficiency
Custom scripting tools allow Contact Center representatives to emulate a bank’s service models

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