Data Mining Reveals Cardholder Behavior Patterns and Opportunities for Growth Optimize Your Card Program Management and Marketing

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Primax’s analytics tools accomplish in seconds the data crunching tasks that previously required days to perform – with far greater precision and granularity. Primax’s DataVue solution helps banks discover the data-driven insights they need to better inform their marketing and growth strategies and tactics.

DataVue reveals customer spending trends and the top merchant segments for cardholders. Pre-built or customized database queries can validate ATM placement strategies, convert inactive cardholders into engaged customers and identify cardholders who could benefit from credit line increases. The ways to run queries in the DataVue tool, which supports over 650 data elements, are limited only by a card program manager’s imagination and objectives.

DataVue gives banks an optimal resource for more effective card program management and marketing. Learn from Primax specialists and your financial institution peers that have published collaborative tips or templates to CommunityVue for anyone to use. You can modify and save these templates for future use.

Easy to learn for novices while supporting power users who want deeper data dive options
Over 2,000 data points available for ad-hoc reporting and analysis
Report templates can be modified by the end user to fit specific needs
15 million accounts updated weekly with 25 million transactions added daily
Eliminates need to download data to Excel, Access or other legacy tools

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