Integration and APIs

Technology and Relationships to Drive a Seamless Experience APIs Power Connections to Enhance the User Experience

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Consumers have grown to expect a seamless experience regardless of their chosen banking channel. Integration brings together data and functionality from multiple sources into a single-service environment to create such experiences. Primax’s integration capabilities use application programming interfaces (APIs), single-sign-on and batch file processing to simplify the service experience for banks and their customers.

Primax’s relationships with core system providers and technology partners, combined with our digital platform development teams and APIs, provide the driving force for lower operational costs and seamless customer experiences.

Channel-agnostic approach applies to virtually any integration requirement
Expert collaboration resources for in-product architecture and design requirements
Close collaboration with banks’ IT and product teams for custom solutions
Deliver a more complete and seamless mobile experience
Partnerships with many of the industry’s core systems and integration services providers
Established relationships with many common third-party solution providers

Bring Together Data and Functionality with Primax APIs and Expertise

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