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Well-Trained Staff Make Most Effective Service and Brand Ambassadors Develop Skillsets of Critical Service

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A bank’s commitment to staff training reflects its mission to invest in the welfare and satisfaction of its customers, as well as the organization’s continued success and profitability. The scope and growing complexity of services banks deliver to customers require customer-facing and back-office operations staff to have the knowledge and tools they need to effectively and capably serve customers.

Primax’s numerous training courses and learning delivery modules give banks great opportunity and flexibility to build and nurture the development and skillsets of their critical service staff. Training programs from Primax cover all payment types, including credit, debit, prepaid cards, new card program management and bill pay. Special training consulting resources provide advice on how to optimally leverage Primax’s various card processing platforms.

The Momentum online learning portal gives banks quick access to learning materials and helps track and report staff’s understanding of the tools and processes they need for maximum performance.

Self-paced learning modules
Instructor-led and virtual training sessions
Regional sessions by Primax’s expert trainers enable staff to receive an interactive face-to-face training experience

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