Fraud Risk Management

Stand Protected at Every Point of Attack Safeguard Your Financial Institution While Preserving Customer Experience

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In the face of accelerating threats, finding a balance between fraud management and customer experience is crucial to a financial institution’s success. Primax’s integrated approach links all data from every transaction, interaction and event to predict and prevent customer fraud while expertly recovering any losses for more fraud-fighting power. Our Fraud Risk Management suite:

  • Monitors and analyzes all activity from every channel and links to actions
  • Prevents losses with customer engagement when fraud is suspected
  • Recovers and mitigates further losses post-fraud
  • Consults to build a customized approach with Enhanced Fraud Services

Linked Analysis

delivers a frictionless payment journey for your consumers – detecting and preventing fraud from all channels

Neural Network & Machine Learning Scoring

allows you to tailor rules and strategies unique to your financial institution so your consumers can bank and shop with confidence

Contact Center Biometrics

accurately authenticates cardholders when they call, providing personalization and an extra layer of protection for your consumers

Two-Way Contextual Engagement

can help prevent losses using alerts so cardholders can confirm suspicious transactions quickly via any channel

Merchant Recovery

provides consumers purchase clarity and the ability to dispute charges on the fly for quick resolution and recovery – saving on chargebacks by never shipping the purchased items

Risk Program Experts

can help you build a customized approach to strike the right balance in delivering an enriched, seamless experience

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